Palatal Expansion Treatment And The Costs Involved

An orthodontist is a dental health professional who treats malocclusion problems. Orthodontic treatments can be cosmetic or they can be functional. These treatments help to improve the appearance of a person and also improve chewing, bite and other functions as well. Orthodontists use devices such as braces, aligners, and jaw expanders, to close gaps between teeth, straighten teeth,  treat overcrowded or impacted teeth, improve chewing function, treat crossbite, overbite etc.

Orthodontic treatments are costly and require long commitment. These treatments can take between few months to one or two years, depending upon the problem to be treated. Palatal expansion is one such orthodontic treatment that is prescribed to widen a small palette to treat overcrowding, crossbite and impacted teeth. Before we know about the costs of the treatment, let us discuss what is a jaw expander.

Most patients are tensed when they hear the term jaw expander. Jaw expander is a small device that is fitted against the palette. It applies gentle pressure on the jaw bone and moves the two bones apart, effectively creating space and increasing space. Since the jaw bones in children are not fused, the treatment is effective and fast in young children.

Duration of the Palatal Expansion Treatment

The palatal expansion treatment can range between a few weeks to months depending on the intensity of the problem. The orthodontist will assess the condition of the jaw bone and design a customized treatment plan for your child. The treatment involves frequent visits to the orthodontic clinic to get the jaw expander adjusted regularly to suit the changing measurements of the mouth. Apart from the regular visits, the orthodontist will also show you how to turn the key in the expander once or twice in a day to increase the gap.

Costs of the Treatment

The palatal expansion treatment can set you back by a few thousand dollars. It generally ranges between $2000 to $3000, depending on the place you stay, treatment duration, type of jaw expander used and the reputation of your orthodontist. Most insurance plans cover the costs of the treatment. You can also use the finance options provided by your orthodontic clinic to ease the financial burden and make orthodontic treatments affordable.

Prior knowledge about what is a jaw expander and the costs involved in a palatal expansion treatment will help you to be prepared for the treatment.