Persian Carpets Are Reclaiming Lost Ground

In 2010, a number of sanctions were imposed on Iran. In 2012, support was suddenly taken out from the much coveted Iranian carpet business to allow the cheap machine produced carpets from China, Pakistan and India to gain a foothold in the US market and other key markets all over the world. After the sanctions were lifted when a nuclear accord was reached, the elegant handmade Persian carpets have started to reclaim lost ground.

According the head of Iranian National Carpet Center Hamid Kargar, exports of Iranian carpets to the United States grew in the four months since the start of the Persian year on March 21 to reach $27.6 million. However, before the sanctions were imposed on Iran, carpet exports to the United States amounted to $80 million.

Carpets are a major source of Iran’s $400 billion economy second only to oil and gas and other derivates like pistachio nuts. Iranian caviar, pistachios, saffron and carpets including US commercial aircraft and parts are the items allowed in Iran for limited business. In 2011, Iran has exported more than $600 million worth of carpets and it hoped to raise the exports to $1 billion however, the plans were disrupted by the US sanctions.

Persian carpets are coveted all over the world because of its unique quality and beauty. The carpets are made without using machines; everything from the production of thread from sheep wool to the dying, drying and knotting of threads is made by hand. The price of each carpet depends upon the type of fabric, design and intricacy. In the United States, you can find Persian carpets offered from $5,000 to $200,000.

Carpets produced in China, India and Pakistan is sold for half the price of Persian carpets. Up to now, many wealthy families still consider the Persian carpets as an investment.

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