Phuket To Use Technology To Attract More Tourists

Phuket Island in Thailand is still recovering from the backlash that occurred after the boat accident that occurred this summer which led to the deaths of tourists aboard. Now, the island has decided to use smart techs in order to solve the current issues that are plaguing the island including traffic and safety. This is one of the measures the local government is taking to increase the number of tourists once again in the middle of the tourism boom that is happening in Southeast Asia. The local authorities focus now is to meet the demands of tourists including guests who booked wedding packages in Phuket in order to encourage more couples to come in the island.

Right after the accidents wherein two boats capsized in the summer, the number of tourists has dropped in Phuket which is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. They are now getting back on their feet by utilizing smart technology to make sure that crimes are reduced and accidents are prevented.

For instance, tourists who are planning to go scuba diving in the waters of Phuket, dive spots will provide the latest tech accessory in the form of a wristband embedded with a QR code. Before tourists and divers can access board boats as well as piers, they must scan their bracelets in the automated ticketing gates.

The system was created by CAT Telecom, a firm run by the state, in partnership with a South Korean company and a local tour agency. A new feature will be added before the year ends which will help track the location of those victims involved in an accident.

By next year, the goal of Phuket Province is to install a total of 3,300 CCTV cameras all over the island which will be accomplished with SK Telecom from Seoul and CAT. The videos recorded by these cameras will be forwarded to surveillance centres where they can utilize face-recognition tech to find lawbreakers. This will help put the tourists at ease and increase bookings of wedding packages in Phuket as they feel more comfortable with their security in the tourist island.