Port Douglas Gym Welcomes New Owners

Guests staying at a hotel often hire Port Douglas airport transfers because it is easier for them especially if they are not familiar with the area. These travelers are always looking for information such as the nearest gym if they found out that this facility is not available inside the hotel they have booked for the duration of their stay. There are guests who are partial to swimming pools inside the hotel while others are more concerned about their fitness routine.

One of the most popular fitness centers in the area is the Port Douglas Gym which is currently transitioning to its new management. The new owners are a couple, Taylor and Hamish, who are both fitness enthusiasts. The two have been hunting for business opportunities in Port Douglas for quite a while already. If this chance did not come to them, they planned to open up their own business as an alternative.

It was five years ago when Taylor decided to live in Port Douglas and leave her hometown in Dallas, Texas. Hamish, on the other hand, has been living here for six years and originally from New Zealand. The fitness couple is hoping to usher in new energy to the gym. As much as they wanted to see new faces, they also wanted to make sure that existing members continue to remain a part of their community.

They decided to reinvent the look of the place by getting rid of the bright orange walls and painting over the graffiti. The gym now sports a cleaner theme with white, black and grey as a theme. This is also their way of breaking free from the negative past of the establishment which used to be a part of a drug trafficking investigation.

The couple is hoping that through their management, they will be able to break free the gym from its criminal reputation. They are excited to welcome travelers as well who might have used Port Douglas airport transfers only to find out that their hotel does not have an in-house fitness facility. The new owners are happy because they feel like they are starting their own business but they don’t have to worry about the equipment anymore because everything is already there.