Saving Money On Your Current Boiler Servicing Contract

Every year, homeowners spend a few hundred pounds to pay for their boiler cover but there are a number of ways that can help them save over £100. Looking at the most recent research, a boiler servicing contract ranges from £225 to £250 annually.

The first thing you might want to consider after your boiler cover expires is to change to a new boiler cover provider. This decision alone can help one save around £50. According to 79 per cent of the homeowners that were surveyed, they were able to get a cheaper boiler cover policy after they changed provider. Those who stayed with the same provider pay an annual £265 to £275 while those who changed provider are paying an annual £175 to £215. This only proves that loyalty does not help one save.

If you have enough money to pay for the boiler cover upfront, it is recommended to do it. Providers often give discounts when annual payments are done in one go compared to those who are paying installments regardless if it is monthly or quarterly. According to a research, those who pay upfront are able to save around £105 every year.

If you have a home insurance, double check that it does not overlap with the boiler cover policy you have. There are boiler policies that also cover drainage, electrical problems and pipes. Make sure that you are not paying for extras with your boiler cover policy when you are already paying for these extras in your home insurance.

There are homeowners who are not sure if they should get a boiler cover. According to survey, only 3 per cent of homeowners are purchasing boiler cover for the very reason that their boilers are always breaking or it is unreliable. Another survey revealed that there is a very low probability that your boiler will need expensive repair therefore boiler cover is only worth it for around 4.5 per cent of homeowners. Still, having a boiler cover will put your mind at ease. You can also follow this link and talk to a professional boiler repair company to know more options for you.