Setting A Calm Ambiance Inside The Bathroom

According to Sonya Cotter, she never felt at home with her previous professions, as a chef and in the fashion industry, until she decided to pursue interior design. She has worked with a number of clients who are always confused and not sure what to choose because of the different ideas they have in mind when it comes to their interior. Many of them are aiming to have a bathroom space that promotes calmness as well as a tone that they will be able to enjoy and love at the same time. Cotter added that the bathroom is one part of the house that offers a lot of potential especially when choosing the right fixture such as double basin vanities.

Cotter explained that whenever she is working on a bathroom space, she always thinks about two of the most important things – lighting and storage in order to optimize the space available. There are many instances wherein bathrooms are not given the same level of emphasis as other rooms in the house but it does not have to be this way.

She added that there are many clever solutions to storage problems in small bathrooms like the recessed mirror cabinetry. For bathrooms used by children, a built-in storage offered by her favorite item which is the Bubu stool is perfect. The storage stool can also double as a chair for parents while the kids are taking a bath.

Cotter shared that using oversized mirrors can be beneficial for small spaces because it passes light around and gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. It can be coupled with an expensive tile that will be featured more through the mirror’s reflection.

For shower glass, she chooses the height taller than the standard shower stalls sold because it creates an elevated look. Cotter said that designers nowadays are referring to bathrooms as wellness spaces and are considered important by many homeowners. The future bathroom models are those that resembles a spa experience along with functional fixtures such as double basin vanities for bathroom used by a number of people inside the house.