Shortage Of Tech Talent Might Be An Issue After Brexit

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Three years have passed since the UK voted to leave the European Union but Boris Johnson’s deal still has to be considered as the solution to unite UK’s extremely divided population. Tech companies say that the deal fails to address stability and profitability. The government is silent on the £180 billion worth tech industry.

UK’s silence is causing the tech industry to lose confidence because a hard Brexit will mean that the UK will become a Third country that is subjected to trade policies that no longer harmonize. Every country in the EU will deal with UK in a different way from tariffs to the handling of VAT.

Free movement of people is a serious issue. Companies that sell technology will require consulting services and UK-based tech talents will need work permits to work overseas. Home-grown talents can be tempted by job offers in flourishing economies. A significant amount of UK’s tech talents come from outside its borders.

More than a half of Britain’s businesses believe that after Brexit, there is a risk of brain drain. Others are worried about the shortage of tech talents. Although the tech sector continues to perform well particularly with the record £5.5 billion in foreign investments in the first seven months of 2019, funding may not be able to resolve the issues being faced by the tech sector.

Recent research by Salesforce revealed that 54% of business leaders plan to invest more in the development of tech talent while the same number considers training the older generation in new technology.

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