Small Bathrooms And Some Functional Design To Consider

Some homeowners dream of spacious and state-of-the-art bathrooms for their homes. However, they are short on space.


Some marketers also want to sell homes but the bathrooms are not too enticing due to its size and its style.


Here are some ways to upgrade a bathroom to create a haven in homes without breaking the bank.


First things first: Functionality


It is already established how bathrooms are one of the key rooms in a house. Although it might be small in size, the bathroom needs to be of functionality. Taking note of the functionality as part of choosing the shower, sink, tub and even the wall decorations and the floor is important. Bathrooms should be more than just functional, they also need to be a good sanctuary for relaxation at the end of a day.


Space saving furniture


For anyone confused with placement of bathroom furniture, a good place to start is to choose a corner sink or a Corner Vanity Unit to optimize space. Both help make the best of the small space in bathrooms.


Aside from this, furniture options like hanging shelves or wall mounted cabinets also optimize the storage without getting the room cluttered.


Bathroom cladding


Bathroom cladding is a great way to optimize a space in an area especially bathrooms with small spaces. Unlike tiles, wall cladding is fairly easy during installation. This is also good for those households which are always on the go. Furthermore, cladding is simple enough to clean. With no grouting needed, the black mold is no longer an issue.




The right lighting transforms any bathroom. Dimming a bathroom looks fantastic especially in alcoves or behind baths while creating a relaxed mood and also giving the illusion of having more space. Installing spotlights also give a bathroom a modern feel.


Determining the best layout


Freestanding bathroom furniture that can be rearranged should be considered. This way, the design can be modified right away.


Choosing color schemes


Sea shade colors are the best colors to open up a bathroom. Pale green or pastel blue open a room up and make it seem bigger, and these also create that relaxing mood.