Small Businesses In India Are Looking Towards Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused customers to drastically change how they shop, with e-commerce and digital marketing, with their online stores and king kong marketing agency review, finding a sudden upsurge in use.

Verizon Media India Country Manager Nikhil Rungta notes that this has resulted in a lot of Indian businesses, especially smaller ones, looking to establish a presence online and make use of digital marketing.

Rungta says that more and more Indian businesses are looking at getting a presence up online, especially the smaller businesses that were still on the fence about the matter. With customer behaviour becoming increasingly online, these businesses have responded by moving online as well, making their websites, social media pages, and the like.

As a result of this, Verizon Media reported an increase in digital advertisers. The company noted a 25-30% increase in new advertisers entering the digital ad space with its many king kong marketing agency review, on their platform.

Small businesses, they note, have begun to realize how much of their customers are online, and how easy they are to reach digitally. On top of that, online marketing is safer amidst the pandemic, while also allowing for easier expansion, particularly on a national level, which wasn’t achievable for local or hyperlocal businesses.

These trends were accelerated by the pandemic, happening throughout a couple of months instead of years.

Rungta says that they’re seeing new categories pop up in digital ads, like service-driven companies, and that they expect this trend to continue in the future.