Some Important Steps In Patenting Process

Patenting an invention protects the rights of the inventor. The inventor gets exclusive rights to manufacture and market the invention. Patent protects the idea from being copied or stolen by competitors.

There are many advantages of getting your idea patented. However, the time consuming and costly patenting process discourages many entrepreneurs from patenting their products or ideas. Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to get a patent for your invention to help first time inventors to sail through the process.

Before filing for a patent, you have to first understand the uniqueness and scope of your invention. Decide on the type of patent suitable for your invention and conduct a market research to determine the marketability of the invention. Applying for a patent is a very costly process and if your invention has no marketability, getting a patent for it is of no use. Once you are sure that your idea is unique and has high profitability, applying for the patent is the next step.

Keep a record of the step to step progress of the invention. Record every step in the development process and every modification done to the original idea. If possible, include detailed drawings of the process. Get the records signed by two witnesses. This record will act as a proof of the developmental stage of the invention.

Include a prototype of your invention while applying for the patent. A prototype should contain all the features and specifications mentioned in the inventor’s journal. Creating a prototype helps the examining officers to completely understand the features and scope of the invention. It also helps you to convince potential investors and licensees. Start the process of developing the prototype by creating a sketch of the product, then prepare a 3D model and finally build a working model.

Prepare a patent application that contains all the information required. Applications with incorrect or improper information tend to get rejected by the patent office. Consider hiring the services of a patent attorney to guide you in the process of preparing and submitting the application.

These are some of the initial steps of how to get a patent for new inventions. The rest of the procedure involves communication with the patent office, getting a patentability opinion from the patent office and receiving the final patent.