Southampton’s Saxlund International Seals New Contracts

Southampton, Hampshire- The global company Saxlund International announced its plans to expand its business operations. Saxlund International is a bio-energy and materials handling firm that is based in Southampton. The company has never stopped in delving into new innovative ways to expand its industry.

Saxlund International has secured three major contracts in the UK. The company reports that its performance has never been this better.

The Contracts

Saxlund International sealed a contract that includes an efficient substitute fuel system for United Kingdom’s largest cement plant. Another contract pertains to the development of a modern biomass combustion and fuel handling solution for Twinwoods Heat & Power. Twinwoods Heat & Power is an energy producer company located in Bedfordshire.

This innovative solution of burning waste for Twinwoods Heat & Power is crucial for the company’s development of an efficient biomass power station. The said power station is scheduled to be operative this 2015. The CHP or combined heat and power plant is expected to have an output of more than 27,000 MWhr of electricity yearly. It will also be producing at least 8,000 MWhr heat annually.

In the United Kingdom, there are a growing number of companies who are interested in renewable biomass energy solutions. This biomass solution will provide Combined Heat and Power for energy producers. Consumers, investors and the government are backing up these kind of energy fuels. With the demand of production, the Managing Director of Saxlund International said that their company had never been busier.

A good example of a company belonging to the Small and Medium Size enterprises engaged in Bio-energy power station is the Twinwoods Heat & Power. They use waste wood fuel in order to supply energy and hot water for the users in the city and other parts of the region. Saxlund International is constantly seeking for the right people to work hand in hand with these companies that are interested in biomass solutions. Specifically, they are in need of seasoned project managers and senior mechanical engineers that have great credentials.

The parent company of Saxlund International is Opcon which is an international environmental and energy organization. Opcon is a leader in the biomass energy industry and has more than 60 years of fruitful experience in its field of expertise.