Southeast Asia To Welcome Uniqlo Outlet

The first Uniqlooutlet in all of Southeast Asia will be opened to the public in March. The clothing brand is under Fast Retailing Co which is the top operator of the casual wear chain in Japan. This is a milestone for the brand because their roadside expansion is the first in the region and it is expected that they are going to showcase how the business became a success in its home country. The shop is good news for tourists at Sukhumvit hotel and locals all over the capital.

The opening is scheduled on March 23 and the roadside store can be found at Phatthanakan Road. The main goal of the clothing brand is to answer the demand of around 700,000 individuals living in the area according to Tomoyoshi Oguri, Uniqlo Thailand Co’s chief operating office. Uniqlo Thailand Co is a subsidiary of Uniqlo in the local market.

There will be a complete lineup of clothing for men, women as well as children. The outlet will display all of these to cover their total floor space which is around 1,440 square meters. The parking area of the store can accommodate between 50 and 60 vehicles. They are expecting that there will be between 2,000 and 3,000 customers dropping by the shop weekly because it is situated in a strategic located.The shop connects the downtown area with the eastern capital.

Currently, there are 35 stores located all over Thailand and its first one was launched in 2011. The famous Japanese brand is happy to say that they have the highest sale in all the Uniqlo shops in the regionas well as other countries.

The main company of Uniqlo uses the strategy of launching roadside shops for their expansion. The firm is based in Japan’s western part known as Yamaguchi. The company has been handling 21 out of the 35 stores in the country but none of these can be found on the ground floor that faces the road. This is a new phase for the local unit as it taps into the country with the second highest economy growth in Southeast Asia. The roadside shop is expected to attract customers from Sukhumvit hotel as well as other accommodations in the city.