Standardisation Of The Authentic Thai Cuisine In Bangkok To Reach Global Market

Thai food is highly accepted by many people around the world due to its distinct flavour while combining common herbs and ingredients. Food lovers around the world capture the taste from meticulous cooking. As per the readers of CCN Go website, they chose Thai food as the most popular food. The favourite authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok among foreign gourmets are the ‘Tom Yum Kung’ spicy and sour soup, ‘Maaman’ curry, Roasted Meat spicy salad, and the all-time pick, Spicy Papaya salad.

In key cities like Australia, Europe and Australia, a survey distinguished three features of Thai food that are recognizable among international food experts. It identified if the food is an authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok regardless of the location.

  • Taste: A perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours to savour harmoniously.


  • Aroma: An incomparable fragrant effect when herbs and spices were used in the recipes. One can also feel the aroma in their mouth.


  • Variety: The consideration of authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok as healthy due to the mixture of various ingredients to complete the dish.

A Thai food agency is aimed at positioning the Thai food as an international forefront for evaluating the Thai flavours.

The “Authentic Thai Food for the World” project started to impose an international standard of Thai food, specifically its genuine taste. The standard covers an applied science in food element analysis to enhance a taste test system to provide individual standard of taste relevant to the original recipes. The authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok will be evaluated according to cooking methods, materials and taste proofing by food experts. The gathered data will be kept in a recipe library as key reference. Taste, aroma and colour are evaluated to meet Thai standards.

The “Authentic Thai Food for the World” project will determine the taste disparities of Thai food all around the world. This will make Thai food more popular and successful in the international level.

For restaurateurs and food entrepreneurs who took part in the project, and whose cuisines qualify the test taste, will be approved and given the Authentic Thai certification. The taste of the authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok will promote and support the competitive edge of the global food industry.