The State Of The Global Market Apparel Industry

The textile industry is one of the business sectors that has benefited from the decline in oil prices. Consumers have more to spend and as clothing is one of the basic needs, the growth in the textile industry is forecasted this year.

TV Store Online, an online retailer of apparels, is one of the hundreds of businesses that will benefit from the increased purchasing of consumers globally.

Sports apparel to increase demand

According to market analysts, the share in the market for sportswear will also significantly increase. It is predicted to soar at a compounded annual growth rate of about 4.32%. The major players in this sector are the corporate giants Adidas, Puma, Lululemon Athletica, Underamour and Nike.

Research and Markets report

Per definition, sports apparel is clothing worn by an individual during exercises or workouts to provide him comfort. After determining a significant milestone of the sports apparel industry, an Ireland-based marketing research group has announced the inclusion of “Global Sports Apparel Market 2015 to 2019” in its published reports.

The report of Research and Markets informs the readers of the current situation of the sports apparel market. It tackled in detail the revenue and its share in the market. The growth potential of sports apparel was also discussed thoroughly. It discussed in detail the reported growth in the men, women, and children’s section. The report features North America, Asia, Europe and other markets that play a vital role in the global apparel market.

Another major issue discussed in the report is the rampant manufacturing of counterfeit products. This is the one of the challenges of the apparel industry.

The report was formulated by the help of a team of experts in the textile industry.

Global market trend

Consumers are now demanding for high end and high quality apparels. The market tends to buy apparels with high technology fabrics. This has been the global trend and businesses worldwide are manufacturing products that adhere to the trend.

The main drivers for this trend are the increased disposable income of consumers around the globe and increase in living standards. The demand for apparels has risen in China, India and Brazil among many other developing nations.