Surf Community To Be Launched In Thailand

Thailand is known more many things – its food, condominiums, hotels, pool villa in Thailand but it is mostly popular because of the beach. There is an increasing number of surf schools emerging in the country together with surf clubs and organizations that support the sport of surfing. Through them, many surfers are starting to appreciate the culture of the country and the beautiful environment it can offer in terms of surfing.

During the surf season, one will have a lot of options when it comes to schools that teach surfing, there are local surf groups in every district and residents are offering their expertise and you can rent their boards during this time.

As much as they want to teach others the skill of surfing, they also want them to be aware of safety when it comes to the ocean and they also incorporate that marine life should be valued together with awareness with it comes to caring for the environment.

Andaman Sea Surf School is one of the popular surf schools in the country. It was established in Patong, Phuket back in 2001 and welcomes both local and foreign students. They have various services such as surfing lessons and surf excursions. DechaSithidej, known as a local surfer in Thailand and a former champion in the Asian Surfing Tour, is the owner the school.

Surfing has also captured the hearts of many young Thai locals that they decided to put up the Kalim Reef Surfers. This is a local organization that was designed to support surfing and to educate others of the benefits of surfing when it comes to staying fit. This is community based and it has helped many children stay away from negative vices but focus their interest in surfing instead.

The surfing community in Thailand is further diversified by the group Christian Surfers Thailand. It helps to educate children who are not privileged enough to enrol in a surf school. They learn how to take care of the ocean and the environment.

Tourists that are planning to learn how to surf should stay in a pool villa in Thailand close to the beach where there are local surfing schools nearby. The country is one of the best places in the world to learn the skill.