Survey Shows That COVID-19 Results In Accelerated Migration To Digital Ads

New research from the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) and IPSOS shows how much more powerful King Kong marketing reviews and other digital marketing endeavours, which they note was accelerated by COVID-19.

The latest research from the two organizations took a look into ongoing ad spending and noted that a lot of Aussie marketers are waiting for things to get a bit better before they commit their budgets. The survey polled 442 small, medium, and large businesses about the impact of COVID-19 and other recent events.

Of those surveyed, 68% of SMBs and 87% of the larger businesses stated that they still had money set aside for marketing for the latter half of 2020. Most of them say that their budgets will be spent will depend on when things return to mostly-normal. As a result, about half of them stated that they have marketing budgets set aside for the near future.

The new research also noted that larger businesses are more committed to putting their marketing money into long-term brand building. AANA notes that this is a clear sign that organizations are paying attention to balancing advertising endeavours like King Kong marketing reviews, taking note of both long- and short-term conditions.

SMBs spend more money (53%) on short-term activities, compared to the 47% that they’re allocating to brand building endeavours.

SMBs were hit harder than the pandemic compared to large-scale businesses, with 85% claiming a revenue decrease of 42%, while 76% of them claiming an average drop in revenue of 27%. On the flip side, smaller businesses that managed to stay open during the pandemic were far more resilient than the larger businesses. 28% of SMBs that stayed open reported no changes to their business operations, compared to only 11% of larger businesses.