Sydney Hailstorm Puts Pressure On Insurers, Tradespersons And Building Supplies

The December 20 hailstorm has stretched tradespersons builders and Sydney roof and building supplies to breaking point while insurers have to face increasing pressure to move faster. Insurers have resolved almost half of the claims but in spite of the rapid progress, politicians are accusing the insurance companies of failing their clients.

More than 130,000 insurance claims totalling $1.27 billion were received by insurance companies. Berowra MP Julian Leeser said that he received information on numerous cases of inadequate service from insurers and builders that is why he visited the offices of Insurance Council of Australia (ICA).

Roofs in Berowraare still covered by tarps. People had to live with leaking roofs, inadequate repairs and no certainty of the future. Families have placed buckets on the floor and mushrooms on their roofs. The damages are getting worse because no repairs are being made.

Some families have decided to live temporarily in hotels with no idea when they will be able to return to their homes. To gain information, they have sit on the phone for hours but they do not receive real answers.

Insurance companies must be held accountable for the security of the community but they are exacerbating the stress and the feelings of helplessness among the people. According to Campbell Fuller, ICA GM for Communications and Media Relations, insurers have made rapid progress over the last 17 weeks so that families can return to their homes and motorists can drive on the roads.

There is enormous pressure on builders and tradespersons to undertake repairs because Sydney has already been hit early summer storms. This will put more pressure on the repair supply chain. Insurers are focusedon the scope of works that must be done particularly in the repair of roofs in line with their policies.

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