Talentsoft Raised $50M For Growth

Talentsoft, a popular HR management software startup company in Europe, recently raised $50 million in their funding round with the help of Francisco Partners. This funding bid is ranked among the 10 largest funding rounds in the region for all of 2018 for enterprise software, with the investors that provided funding the startup including big names like Bpifrance and Goldman Sachs.

This huge investment will be used in order to drive the company’s continued growth via innovation and international market expansion, which will reinforce the company’s position as one of the leaders in the European HR Tech market.

The French company was founded by three entrepreneurs; Jean-StéphaneArcis, Alexandre Pachulski and JoëLBentolila, back in 2007. Since then, they have been rapidly growing, with their growth hitting +33% in 2018.

Arcis, Talentsoft CEO, stated that this latest funding round is a milestone for the company, and that they are proud to receive backing from leading venture capital firms from across the world. He adds that their current partners, Bpifrance and Goldman Sachs, and their newest investor, Francisco Partners, have expressed confidence in what Talentsoft is doing. Part of the company’s goals, he states, will be to become the first HR Tech platform in Europe via their new iPaaS program.

The cloud-based HR management software developer has 2,000 clients and 9 million users spread across the world, in 27 languages. Some of its clients include DeustcheBahn, EDF, Vinci, Lacoste, Toyota Europe, the National Bank of Belgium, and many others.

Arcis expressed enthusiasm for the company future, with their hope being to make their way to the top of the European HR Tech market. Their plans also include investing in HR data management and innovations that improve on employee experience, as well as the development of a platform that’s open to external applications. The $50-million investment is a huge resource for the company, which gives them plenty of opportunity to strengthen their position as one of the leaders in the European HR Tech market.

Additionally, the company has plans to optimse the employee experience, with consideration for cultural linguistic and regulatory specificities of HR management throughout the region of Europe.