Thailand And Philippines Close Some Islands To Avoid An Environmental Disaster

One of the best islands in Thailand for diving enthusiasts is Koh Tao. The competition among dive shops makes it literally inexpensive for beginners to learn how to dive. In terms of accommodations, there is beach villa in Thailand with amazing panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. All your highest expectations are guaranteed to be satisfactorily met.

Visitors are off limits to some of the most popular islands in Southeast Asia. Officials have decided to protect the ecosystems that have been crumbling from the warming seas and unchecked sprawl. However, closure of the islands is a risk that must be faced by tourism particularly tour groups.

Thailand is going to close Maya Beach for four months a year starting June. Maya Beach became internationally popular when it was featured in “The Beach” staring Leonardo DiCaprio. Boracay Beach in the Philippines will be closed to visitors for 6 months starting April.

Islands have very fragile ecosystems and they cannot handle mass tourism, beachfront hotels and pollution from boats. A complete closure is sometimes the only option to rehabilitate the natural resources particularly the coral reefs that are being degraded by warm seas and overcrowding.

This is not the first time that Thailand is closing a tourist destination. In 2011, dozens of dive sites were closed to tourists because the unusual high temperature of the waters is damaging coral reefs in Andaman Sea. Some islands were also banned to tourists in 2016.

The Philippine Islands which is very vulnerable to climate change is not shutting down the island of Boracay completely because of the looming environmental disaster. Responsible and sustainable tourism practices will be required in the island that became famous because of its white powdery sand. The government will be undertaking a long-term fix in spite of the 36,000 jobs at stake.

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