Thailand Tourism Industry Looking To Capitalize On Same-Sex Partner Legislation

Thailand is working to advance same-sex partnership legislation, which has taken the attention of many a wedding hotel in Bangkok or anywhere else in the country, and the Thai tourism industry as a whole.

In the midst of the Thai election campaign, the Cabinet approved a proposal hat would give homosexual couples more rights, including civil union (but doesn’t cover legalising homosexual marriage), and is on the way to Parliament. The session concluded before said bill would become an actual law, but the Thai tourism industry is already capitalizing on it in order to promote the country as a destination that welcomes the LGBT community.

Deputy Governor Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT, says that Thailand already has products and offerings aimed at the LGBT community, and the focus will now be on how the Thai tourism industry can better meet their needs. Currently, the TAT is working on the LGBT travel symposium, as how they’ll participate in pride parades across the world, among other efforts to welcome the LGBT community to Thailand.

Thailand’s tourism industry accounts for a fifth of the country’s economy, and is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Corporate advisory and asset management firm, LGBT Capital, noted that the LGBT community accounted for about 1.15% of the Thai economy, a bigger cut than in any other major destination.

The proposed legislation will legalize civil union, giving them the right to manage their assets, liabilities and give or receive inheritances, among others. However, it doesn’t allow homosexual couples to marry.

That being said, many a wedding hotel in Bangkok, and the country’s travel industry at large is working to attract to LGBT visitors to the country, believing that they’ll boost the country’s economy by a notable amount. According to several notable studies, people in the LGBT community tend to have higher disposable income, compared to the general populace, and they’re also more travel-happy.

Out Adventures is a Toronto-based travel firm that focuses on the homosexual community, which has sent thousands of travellers to Thailand, hailing from the US and Canada. According to him, the majority of his clientele makes, on average, three international trips every year, with some of these clients admitting that they’ll only consider destinations if they can properly accommodate the LGBT community.