The Astonishing Growth Of The Global Commercial Drone Market

Having you experienced a flight with a Cartography illustrator who is trying to see some view prospects for his map? Cartography illustrators no longer have to climb mountains and trees to be able to draw prominent parts of a landscape like they did centuries ago. Today, map illustrators can view a town, resort, campus or city to capture a moment in time through drones.

An unprecedented number of drones are being deployed by businesses in the United States. Aside from cartography and photography, these drones are being used to gather data or track criminal suspects. Developers are now building apps for drones using a common platform.

The Federal Aviation Administration has admitted that it has underestimated the number of drones that will be in service. It is predicted that more than 450,000 drones are flying in the sky this year, a phenomenon that was originally predicted for 2022.

According to analysts at Barclays, the global commercial drone market is estimated to grow tenfold from $4 billion last year to $40 billion in the next 5 years. Analysts believe that using drones will generate cost savings of about $100 billion.

Drones rose to prominence in the 1980’s as military technology. When the drones were miniaturized in 2000, it became a popular tool for hobbyists and photography enthusiasts. The FAA expects that the growth of drones will accelerate in the coming years because of software and other improvements in cameras, sensors and processing technology.

Drones can assist the telecom industry because inspections can be done in the air instead of sending workers to climb dangerous poles. Monthly pipeline surveys can be completed by oil and gas companies by using drones instead of hiring $2,500 per hour helicopter crews. Drones can also be used as aerial mapping tools that are now being applied by Waze and Google-based traffic app.

Panoramic illustrated maps looks like they were created with a Cartography illustrator on a hang glider flying in the sky together with the birds. The images that are crafted from the most favorable vantage point best describe the skills and creativity of the map illustrator. A color palette provides warmth and clarity to the hand drawn illustrated maps.