The Bright Side Of Negative Reviews

While most businesses dread the 1-star review, there is some good that can come from them. Obviously, you don’t want to let your review page get flooded by negative reviews and such, but a bad review here and there isn’t the end of your business.

If you play your cards right, you can actually get good value from a bad review.

Building trust

Paradoxically, negative reviews can build trust in customers. Perfect scores tend to come across as unrealistic and, in turn, untrustworthy. People know that no product can do everything for everyone, so only having perfect reviews raise red flags in people’s heads.

There’s also the ‘honesty’ aspect of letting negative reviews stay.  People want to know as much about a product or service before buying it, and that means they want to see it completely, warts and all.

Bad reviews are inevitable

If you’re doing business in the internet age, then you need to accept the reality: bad reviews are unavoidable.

These days, the customers want to feel empowered, which is why they look up so much information about things before they buy anything.

In turn, this drives customers to write reviews for other customers: people want others to be informed about any product that they might buy.

Responding properly

Negative reviews can be good if you handle them properly. Pick your fights.

Respond to a handful of positive reviews, and deal with negative reviews. When someone posts a negative king kong marketing review, take it easy, take responsibility, take note of their criticism, and embrace the valid points.

Never, and we mean never bribe or threaten a customer to remove a negative review.