The Business Of Caring For The Dead

After a tragedy, the funeral parlour is usually the first place where families go to be able to see the remains of their loved one. It is very likely for funeral directors in Sydney to provide the necessary assistance as well as compassion during the most trying moments. Losing a loved one is difficult enough; families must have the assurance that the remains will be treated with utmost respect.

Over the past 20 years, funeral homes were big business. The death-care industry was composed of large corporations that bought out family owned businesses including employees. Funeral services became very expensive because grieving families were convinced to buy fancy caskets, urns and services which were not really necessary. In some instances, the body does not require embalming because there is no full visitation or open casket but the family is influenced that embalming is the right thing to do.

Kraft-Sussman is one of the few independently-owned funeral homes within the Las Vegas area. Surprisingly, the funeral home is owned by two women, Kraft and Sussman. They are serious with providing personal care from driving families to and from the airport, sitting with them in homes and hotels and allowing them to be present during the dressing process.

Days after the Las Vegas tragedy, Kraft and Sussman started to receive calls from grieving parents. It was tough waiting for the coroner to identify the bodies and release them to funeral parlours. The wait was agonizing for parents and funeral directors have to be present to lend them comfort and compassion. Kraft and Sussman understand the need for closure which is provided when the families view the body.

The funeral parlour has a licensed embalmer that sutures the wound made during autopsy. The body is carefully clothed and prepared to make it easier for families. They make the effort to do everything that is required to lessen the traumatic experience.

In Australia, funeral directors in Sydney are just as understanding and compassionate as those in Las Vegas. Although the deceased is not a victim of a mass shooting, the funeral directors make all the appropriate preparations to provide a level of privacy and solemnity.