The Evolution Of Carpet Cleaning

Over the years, carpet cleaning and repair has changed in several ways because carpet manufacturers started to use different materials. Carpet manufacturers like DuPont continuously introduced new materials in carpet making and carpet cleaners have to think of different methods to clean them.

In the 1950’s area rugs were popular in most homes and if the family was wealthy they would change the rugs seasonally. There were winter rugs that have to be kept during spring and summer. Cleaning facilities need to be overwhelming large because most of the rugs were also kept there. Rugs then were made from Turkey or China and they were considered as carpet-making countries. It was in the later part of 1950’s that DuPont introduced wall-to-wall carpeting but since portable carpet cleaning equipment has not yet been invented, wall-to-wall carpets have to be taken to the plant for cleaning.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s DuPont went through several generations with their inventions and olefin replaced nylon. Polyester was introduced and it was a material that can be dyed in different colors. Ed York invented carpet cleaning equipment that was mounted on a truck so that carpet cleaners can clean on location. Since cleaning became mobile, cleaners were able to clean the whole house.

In the 1980’s the popularity of hardwood floors returned due to issues with mold and mildew growth that resulted into health problems. As a consequence, rugs became more common but cleaners already have the facilities to clean them. However, experts say that it isn’t effective for rugs to be cleaned in place. There were also issues with shrinkage. Equipment that will clean wall-to-wall in place was extremely expensive.

In order to keep up with all the changes, carpet cleaners started to undergo training and took up courses from professional organizations. Lessons included methods in sanitizing and deodorizing rugs as well as the process of repairing damages caused by moths. Carpet care was added to their skills including restoration work and mold remediation. At ABC Oriental Rug and Carpet Care, they have a collection of rugs from different rug-making countries which are used in fixing heirlooms with the same materials of which they were originally made from. For more info on carpet cleaning please click here.