The First Kangaroo Print Available For Purchase

Captain Cook is known for his drawing and map illustration. He was able to publish books in three volumes that tell of his voyages. The three books were published between 1773 and 1784 entitled James Cook Voyages.

According to Louis Kissajukian who currently owns a room in Sydney called Antique Print and Map. The complete series that contains prints and maps is up for sale at the moment. The three volumes are considered to be the ultimate record of the voyages and explorations that Cook did.

Kissajukian said that people in Australia may have look at him in modern times in an insular perspective but he thinks that Captain Cook may be considered more than that in other countries.

In the case of English and Americans, they think of him is the most vital individual in the world during the time he was alive. A lot of interest was given to him worldwide. Kissajukian said that he have clients residing in Hawaii that are looking for prints made by Cook as well as those based in Macau.

As of the moment, the price of the complete set of books has a range of between $95,000 and $125,000 when looking at the antiquarian market for books. In more than a decade, Kissajukian was able to obtain copies that are slightly damaged for a cheaper price. He only kept illustrations that are still in good condition until he was able to complete the set which is around 181 pages. There are some pages wherein he had a number of copies in his possession.

The prints were taken care of and conserved. They are now priced as individual copies. The value of the single illustrations is between $250 and $4850. The highest price is given to a handful of major pieces such as the large illustration of the World Map which was marked in the catalogue as page 001.

Aside from the map illustration, the print widely known by Cook is the drawing of a “kanguroo”. This is the very first illustration made for the Eastern Grey species of kangaroo. The print is worth $1250 and is available for sale.