The Future Is Here – Meet Vera

Volvo has created Vera, an electric truck that is capable of driverless driving. It has started operating in Sweden. It shuttled containers between a port and the distribution center. However, it is only capable of driving short distances for now. Vera can deliver large quantities of cargo with high precision. An operator in the control tower monitors the vehicle’s movement to ensure smooth operation. Understand that it has just begun operating and monitoring its performance is a must. During this stage, Vera’s creator can assess what areas need improvement.

Most businesses, including the Canadian trucking companies, will benefit a lot when Vera is upgraded to drive long hauls. For now, it can only drive short distances. Mikael Karlsson, Volvo Trucks’ autonomous solutions vice-president, explains that they now have an opportunity to put Vera in an ideal situation and develop her potential, even more, to extend assistance to other similar settings.

Vera’s Invaluable Contributions

The introduction of the driverless truck can provide the trucking companies an ingenious way of putting an end to the issues, such as DUI, that most truck drivers face. Road accidents caused by drunk driving will never happen with Vera.

If upgraded for long hauls, Vera can get to the destination in less time. It does not need to make a few short stops to take a rest and eat. However, all of that and other upgrades on Vera will take place in the near future.

Vera looks so good since it resembles a sports car, but it is not allowed to take in any passenger. It is designed to transport containers from point to point. It runs in electricity which makes it safe to travel around. In the future when it begins taking long hauls, it would be nice if it can operate with less supervision. Monitoring it constantly from the time it departs the port to the time it arrives at its destination may defy the ease and convenience that Vera is also designed to offer.

The aim of modern technology is to provide ease and convenience. Businesses that belong to the transportation industry, including the Canadian trucking companies, should take advantage of the things that modern technology brings.