The Impact Of Ecommerce On The Box Manufacturing Industry

The cardboard box has become a big winner in the ecommerce market. The demand for packing boxes for sale has dramatically increased because proper packaging ensures that the product reaches it its destination in perfect condition. Manufacturers as well as retailers of cardboard boxes have benefited from the rising trend but they have the social responsibility to ensure that packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

Products from groceries to gadgets are delivered to the doorstep through cardboard packing boxes. Consumers have collectively fallen in love with online shopping that they have forgotten the consequences of packing materials.

According to the US Census Bureau, the number of ecommerce transaction has increased by more than 15% in 2016. In the last 5 years, ecommerce transactions have doubled to about $350 million annually. If the trend continues, deliveries will continue to increase meaning that more cardboard boxes will be used.

However, according to the Fibre Box Association, the amount of cardboard boxes shipped to the United States has actually decreased since 1995 because manufacturing companies and online retailers are reducing packaging to minimize costs. Instead of cardboard, shrink-wrap is used. You will see bottles bound by a plastic film instead of cardboard. Those that use cardboard avoid the “Russian doll” method of packing wherein a series of small cardboard boxes are used inside a larger box.

Cardboard box consumption is down because more items are being shipped directly to consumers. This means that fewer items are being boxed and shipped to retail stores inside large corrugated boxes. Meanwhile, cardboard boxes are still being used which is a blessing to the industry that is grappling with the long term effects of an ecommerce-driven economy.

On the other hand, the use of ecommerce boxes translates to more waste in the landfills. Some boxes are reused by consumers but 10% ends up discarded in trash bins.

Consumers who are searching for packing boxes for sale must opt for recycled cardboard boxes that uses less energy and emits less greenhouse gases. Even if the cardboard fibres cannot be used indefinitely, it has five to seven recycling loops. Usable fibres can still be used into a new product.