The Importance Of An Annual Eye Examination

According to the eye doctor, the eyes are the windows to health of the individual. November is awareness month for Diabetic Eye Disease. An annual eye exam through the eye doctor in Sutherland is very important because it will give an insight on underlying issues in the body. This is particularly true for those who are suffering from diabetes.

It is easier to provide preventive care after a diagnosis during the annual eye exam. According to Dr. Kevin Hart of Concord, routine eye examinations are every important because the eyes is a vascular organ. Some issues can be fixed before it turns really bad.

Theresa Cochrane has firsthand experience on the importance of annual eye examination when she took her diabetic mother to an ophthalmologist. The eye doctor found out that the diabetes is pretty severe after the examination. According to the American Diabetes Association, at least 1.5 million are diagnosed with the disease every year. Diabetics have high risk of visual impairment that can lead to blindness.

Cochrane’s mother was not very fortunate because she had severe diabetes. Since there was no permanent loss of vision, treatment included laser eye surgery and daily medication. She also needs to change her lifestyle. It can be pretty scary but she has to undergo treatment to prevent blindness.

Another eye disease that results from diabetes is diabetic retinopathy which is quite common and very serious. The blood vessels in the eyes will start to leak because the carbohydrate molecules flowing through them are not being absorbed by the muscles and fat tissue.

Dr. Hart suggests that even patients who have well controlled diabetes must have their retina evaluated once a year. Diabetes is one condition where a patient can have severe retinopathy without any symptoms but may need surgery and medications at some point.

Never take your eyes for granted. There is eye doctor in Sutherland who will be too happy to give you an eye examination including a vision test and glaucoma test. Your prescription will be updated and the eye doctor will help you find the best solution for your needs. The entire process is easy and very comfortable.