The Importance Of Dedication, Discipline And Punctuality In Limousine Business

In Perth, wedding couples go to Limousine Royalty for their limousine ride to church and reception. Stretch limos are certified head-turners because it is not every day that people see a limo on the streets. In the past years, only the wealthy and those who have achieved celebrity status can ride a limo but nowadays, it is very easy and affordable to rent one for a special occasion.

In Coral Spring, the source for limos is Elevation Limousines owned by Army Sgt. Zachary Morgan. When Morgan was stationed in Iraq, he used to drive for the top brass and when he went back to civilian life it seemed fit to be the owner of a limousine service.

When Morgan got out of the service in 2011, he pursued a career in supply chain management but when he was not inside the classroom, he was busy driving customers in his eight-passenger black Lincoln limousine. His investment came from his pay during his army days and luckily for Morgan, his Elevation Limousines is gaining new business every month,

Morgan was inspired to start a limousine service after attending the Edge4Vets workshop. The workshop was sponsored by Fordham University to help veterans transfer their military skills to civilian use. Since Morgan has been used to driving Humvees, forklifts, 48-passenger buses and 5-ton vehicles where officials were his passengers, he believed he can drive a personal vehicle and carry anyone.

Customers of Morgan’s limousine service comment on his punctuality and good manners, things he learned while in the military. In order to attract more business, he initially dropped his prices below the going rate. Morgan is dedicated, disciplined and he does not cut corners because he wanted to be successful in his endeavor.

During his second month in the business, Morgan’s was put to a test when the airbag at the rear of the limo inflated while he was driving the limo. No one was hurt and he transferred his passengers to a backup transport provided by his friends in the business. This was not unusual because Morgan was trained in the military to handle any situation. He hopes to add more limousines to his fleet and hire new drivers.