The Key Role Of SCS Group In Cardiff’s Development

Since the early 1990’s, Cardiff has transformed completely with impressive changes along the bay to the hotel near Cardiff train station, the new rugby stadium and the shopping and leisure facilities in the centre of the city . SCS Group is proud of the part that it has played to help change Cardiff for the better. Working on a range of smoke control projects is one of the many projects that the group has worked hard for through the years.

The first thing that a passenger arriving at Cardiff Central Railway Station will notice when you look up are the vents on top of the station roof which were installed approximately 15 years ago. From Platform 1, you will see the roof-mounted louvered ventilators that were installed as part of a refurbishment project. The ventilators have battery-backed control system with a fireman’s override control switch located in the main ticket hall.

After you step out from the station, you will see the impressive New BBC Cymru building with the atrium smoke extract system, two fire fighting shafts for protection and a smoke extraction system in the car park and loading bay.

Over the road is the headquarters of Media Wales with theUniForce mechanical extract system to service firefighting lobbies in 2008 together with the UniJet car park ventilation system. At the newly built Admiral HQ, the city’s tallest building, a UniForce smoke shaft system was also installed to create suitable solution for the car park’s ventilation according to existing design.

Around the corner is Helmont House where you will find a number of offices including the Premier Inn Cardiff City Centre. Two new Uniforce extract systems work in conjunction with an existing pressurization system to serve the existing offices as well as the new hotels that opened in 2010. A new development called Bayscape is still in the works for the installation of a Building Energy Management System and smoke control.

Visitors have the option of hotel near Cardiff train station that is designed to for complete comfort during your stay in the city. All the rooms are fully equipped with free Wi-Fi and Netflix or Amazon streaming service. However, it is subject to the guest’s personal subscription.