The Relevance Of Furniture In Today’s Modern World

In every business establishment, training tables are very important and are situated at multi-purpose conference rooms and training rooms.

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This coming July 2015, the Australian Furniture Association is pleased to announce that it will host the Indigenous Australian Furniture FURNITEX connect exhibition which will be held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings. The pronouncement was made by the CEO of Australian Furniture Association, Patrizia Torelli. The indigenous company, WINYA will supply unique, premium, craftsman-made furniture pieces. WINYA are a indigenous controlled and owned business thriving in Australia. It is apparent that the CEO is delighted to have the indigenous furniture company to exhibit in the show. This will be the first time for the event to have an indigenous furniture manufacturer join. This will showcase the uniqueness of Australian art at an international event.

In the Wiradjuri dialect, the word WINYA means to “sit”. The manufacturer is set to feature different pieces produced and crafted by Indigenous Australians as well as a series of floor talks to various visitors, both national and international.
The floor talks each day will be carried out by a representative from WINYA, Gregory Welsh. The topics that he will cover are as follows:

– Mentoring bases and training bases

– The conducive supply chain model that will assist existing and thriving businesses

– The national supply model, transportation issues and timber issues as well as regional objectives

The spokesperson of WINYA underscored the need to direct the spotlight on the importance of indigenous programs. He further stated that their passion is in delivering real life outcomes like employment, education, cross cultural knowledge and engagement, staff engagement and reconciliation action plans. Currently, their company is involved with Supply Nation where there are network of opportunities available.