The Rippling Effects Of Weinstein’s Conviction

Hiring an assault lawyer when you are accused of assault does not necessarily mean that you are guilty of the crime. Legal representation is very important because a conviction can play a significant role in your future. You can access criminal defence lawyers through so that you will have representation if the case goes to trial.

A New York jury convicted Harvey Weinstein of one count of rape and one count of committing a criminal sexual act. He was acquitted of the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault that carries a potential life sentence. The sexual assault and harassment accusations against Harvey have ended his career as a movie mogul.

The allegations against Harvey created a rippling effect to spark much-needed reforms within Hollywood institutions. Hollywood guilds and agencies were expected to protect their members and clients but they did not do anything to prevent abuse. Over the last 2 years, unions and agencies have undertaken steps to stop practices that make women vulnerable to sexual assault and harassment.

Performers union SAG-AFTRA asked producers and executives to stop from requesting meetings in high-risk places that include private homes and hotel rooms. Talent representatives were also cautioned against having meetings in such places.

Meanwhile, the use of intimacy coordinators can prevent abuse while sensitive sex scenes are being filmed. Studios have become cautious when hiring directors and actors that have a history of offenses. Distributors and streaming services place morality clauses in contracts so that they can pull out of a project if there are people accused of any wrongdoing.

These requirements did not exist years ago but they are very meaningful today. New laws are also being passed to protect employees from sexual assault and harassment and gender discrimination. The use of non-disclosure agreements are also being limited if not totally banned.

Being falsely accused of sexual assault does not remove the stigma attached to the crime. Your best option to clear the name is to hire an assault lawyer who will ensure that all your rights are protected throughout the legal process. With a lawyer beside you can be confident in confronting the allegation so that you can put the entire experience behind you.