The Usefulness Of Blue Lights With Blue Bathroom Tiles In Public Places

A typical convenience store In Lancaster named Turkey Hill Minit Markets have utilised coloured bulbs in its restrooms to discourage people from using drugs like heroin in public places. The blue lights along with blue bathroom tiles are meant to discourage people from using drugs in store bathrooms by making it difficult for them to see their veins. Though such idea has been around for several years, there are still those who choose to do it.

According to research from a retail industry supported group, even the most active opiate user still wants to be accurate with having the needle go straight into the right vein. The blue lights with the blue bathroom tiles will inhibit injections of prohibited drugs in restrooms of theseconvenience stores and will have them do the process someplace else.

One of the two convenience store chains, Turkey Market have worked with loss prevention groups to test the blue bulbs. According to the said group who devised the method, it is aimed to combat theft and violent crimes in stores. It has indeedturned positive in its study.

Earlier studies also show that the deterrent effect of blue lights make people using opioids to shoot in blue light even if it meant avoiding withdrawal symptoms. However, public health professionals oppose to such practice, saying the idea can stigmatise and hurt the addict. And for those who are used to injecting themselves, they will find a way amidst the light in the restroom.

According to another research study, drug users addicted to opium will use every possible way to get intoxicated with the addition in public bathrooms.  Therefore, store ownersneed to do something to avoid such incident.

In one county where the Turkey Hill has installed blue lights, a medical examiner claims that many people have died due to overdoses in public bathrooms of big-box stores, fast food chains and other retailers.

The blue lights with the blue bathroom tiles were designed as a security measure for Turkey Hill that included security training for store workers, new window signage to make the store exteriors more visible from the inside, and brighter exterior lighting.

With the blue lights installed along with the blue bathroom tiles, the convenience store chain has noticed dramatic reduction of substance abuse since.