Things Exterminators Wish You Knew

Most people tend to react to seeing an insect or rodent in their house with one response: calling an exterminator. Whether by sites like, or by phone, people bring in exterminators to their homes to deal with pest problems, and usually just leave the professionals to their own devices.

But the thing is, professionals want people to talk to them. Communication is a very helpful tool, for them, as well as for homeowners. Professionals talk to get good word of mouth and provide important advice, while homeowners talk to get good advice, see what they should do to avoid future instances of the same issue, and make sure they get the most for their money.

To help you out, here’s a few things pest control professionals wish you knew.

A tidy kitchen isn’t the end of everything.

While a lot of insects and other pests are attracted to food, dirty dishes and other stuff on the kitchen counter aren’t the only things that attract pests. Moisture plays a huge role in attracting and sustaining pests, which is why experts recommend unclogging gutters, making sure that downspouts put water at least 3m away from the house, on top of regularly draining decorative pools and baths.

Professionals can help, but you need to do your part.

When a professional gives you directions or advice, the best thing to do is to pay attention to it. It doesn’t matter how much the professionals do. Listen to the experts. Also, just because you spot a pest near or in your house later, it doesn’t mean that the pros failed. They can guarantee dealing with pests, they can’t guarantee those pests will never come back, especially if you ignore their wisdom.

Not all pests are actually bad.

Roaches, termites, rats. Those are the common pests that people call exterminators for, and for good reason. They bring disease and damage properties. Others, not so much. Some pests are actually harmless, if not outright useful. For example, most spider species are harmless, and they can actually tip you off to a hidden insect problem; they eat other insects, after all.

Tell your neighbors

Pests don’t stay in one place, if they can help it. That’s why you want to inform people if you have a pest problem; anything that plagues you will likely hit them. Even if you’re not in apartments, make sure to have a professional inspect your house if a nearby neighbor reports an infestation.