Things To Consider In Picking A Marquee Hire In Sydney

Having a party requires a lot of preparation. There are chairs, tables, drink dispensers, cutlery, food and catering service, decorations and of course, the marquee where you will have your guests if you are thinking about an outdoor party. You can find suppliers of marquee hire in Sydney that you can contact for everything that you could possibly need in a party. Before you contact a supplier, consider some of the important factors that will help you decide on the type of marquee that you will hire.

One of the things to consider is the number of guests that you intend to invite. Choose a marquee size that can accommodate your guests. You can find small marquees with measurement of 4x3m and there are also huge ones of up to 10x18m for big crowds.

If you have already decided on the size of the marquee hire in Sydney that you need, the next thing to consider is the marquee style. There are marquees that are suitable for formal gatherings such as intimate weddings and anniversaries and there are also those for casual yet festive occasions such as birthdays, family get-togethers, baby showers and many more. You can find marquees that are designed traditionally, with timber floors, pagodas and several other designs. Conduct a good research for the type of marquee which is best suited for the occasion.

Consider the season or the potential weather on the date of your party. If you are going to conduct the party during the summer or if you are in an area with lots of sun, chose a marquee with high ceiling for more air and to provide better ventilation. You can also choose an air-conditioned marquee or open marquee for free airflow. There are marquee hire in Sydneywith walls that can be adjusted or opened on its sides. Ask the service provider for suggestions and ideas for the most suitable marquee for the occasion.  Also, the price of marquee varies from one supplier to another. Conduct a good research to hire the right suppleir.