Things To Enjoy From A Hotel Near BTS Nana

Bangkok is one of the major tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The city is brimming with hotels of all sorts of ratings and classifications. You can find standard hotels up to luxurious and trendy hotels with 5 star ratings. If you are planning to have a holiday in Bangkok, you might as well book longer to enjoy the city to the fullest. Choose a hotel that will make it easier for you to tour around Bangkok while keeping yourself safe and comfortable. Aside from that, it would also be practical to stay in a hotel near BTS Nana or anywhere near the city’s transportation hubs. If you are wondering what you can get by booking a hotel in the area, take a look at these.

Affordable hotels

You will never ran out of hotel choices in Bangkok. Because of this, the hospitality industry is in stiff competition among each other. As a result, hotels compete among each other and offer competitive rates and better deals. You will be amazed to find a find 4 or 5 star hotel near BTS Nana at a surprisingly affordable rate. Aside from the lower rates, you will find huge discounts especially if you would book early. There are also deals and promos on drinks, food and even services.

Entertainment establishments

Because the area is around commercial centres, its night-time never sleeps. You will find night markets, happy shoppers, people having a good time in clubs and bars, expats and foreign nationals, commuters, exotic street foods that you will get drunk with all the sights and sounds around you.

Commercial district

The area near BTS-Nana are streets filled with commercial establishments. You will find posh restaurants, cosy cafes, 5 star hotels, high-end shopping malls and several entertainment centres. If you want to visit one of their floating markets, you can easily get to one if you are booked in a hotel near BTS Nana because almost everything is accessible coming from the area. You can get to ancient temples, historical sites and other interesting tourist spots around Bangkok. Book ahead especially if you intend to travel to Bangkok during tourist season.