Threats Of Gang Rivalry Discourages Business Investments

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Meanwhile, Gregory Aboud, head of Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) is assured that authorities are tackling any threatened outbreak of gang wars in the Port of Spain but more efforts must be exerted otherwise crime can deter foreign investments in TT. Businesses are worried that recent shootings may result to a tit-for-tat war between Rasta City and Unruly ISIS gangs.

While DOMA does not really feel any apprehension on a possible episode of violence between the two gangs, the mere fact that it is being discussed puts greater emphasis on the need for more patrols. There has been a noticeable improvement in patrols in the downtown city centre but the threat is very serious and more patrols are welcome assurances.

Nationwide violence and murder are the concern of the whole country. There are reports on the negative impact of crimes to business that operate during the night like restaurants and entertainment businesses. While it is not directly attributable to gang rivalry, a great deal of apprehension is being expressed by potential investors particularly business investments, constructions and expansions.

Lawlessness is being discussed everywhere and it is harming the country’s investment climate. Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and Edmund Dillion, Secretary of the Ministry of National Security said that crime has a very bad effect on businesses and it needs a national effort to fight crime. While there is no level of anxiety at this time, authorities do not want to anticipate failing in any action they have promised to the people and businesses.

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