UK Carrier Going Green With Electric Vans

Deutscher Paket Dienst (DPD), which is a German Parcel Service, is now the first final mile carrier in the UK to use the fully electric e-Vito that comes from the Mercedes-Benz Vans. The Parcel delivery service provider has taken in 10 long-bodied, mid-sized model version of the vehicle, which considerably improves the range and carrying capabilities of the parcel service.


These new vans will then begin operations in London, and the DPD will start procedures that will make it the first, fully electric final mile carrier in the UK in the latter part of 2018. The German parcel service is also planning on acquiring 8 more all-electric micro depots within the capital, and then it will proceed with expanding its eVito vans fleet all over the country.


Dave Winchcombe, who is DPD UK’s head of transport, has commented that they plan on the Mercedes-Benz eVito to have a major role for their deliveries in cities and towns all around the country. Not only does the model the chose bigger than most of the currently available electric vans, and thus fitting the business model the DPD has set up, but it also helps the service become more environmentally conscious that is just as essential to the strategy the DPD showcases.


The eVito model of the Mercedes-Bens van has a range of around 93 miles and can be fully charged to run for six hours. This can be improved upon by implementing recuperative energy technology, which can also be reduced by the vehicle driving constantly with a full load. Since the model is also long-bodied, it provides the carriers with a space of 6 cubic meters as cargo area, while offering up an allowance of 1,043 kilograms.


Before the 10 vans had been delivered to the DPD in the UK, they went through a conversion process by the Handsfree Group, which is a specialist that is based in Manchester, that installed the communications systems used by the DPD while at the same time adding security measures.


The DPD will be going through with a program for training product-specific drivers along with Mercedes-Benz’s support. They will also be developing route profiles that will ensure maximum operational efficiency for the new parcel delivery vehicles.