UK Customers Are Afraid That Brand Censorship Threatens Free Speech

Online reviews of companies, brands, and services, like those of King Kong SEO or on Google, matter. Especially in this day and age when people use the internet to search information on what they’ll spend or patronize. Companies dread getting negative reviews, but a recent survey noted that not showing these negative reviews fosters mistrust from customers.

Danish review site Trustpilot decided to take a look at how online reviews affect the UK online marketplace, and noted that, while customers lose trust from negative reviews, they lose trust more if they see these negative reviews being silenced, or removed.

According to their report, The Critical role of reviews in Internet Trust, 60% of customers have admitted that they will stop using a platform if they found out that this platform was censoring reviews. There’s also a considerable amount of distrust, with 71% of respondents saying that they feel that brands are tampering with online reviews, with an additional 45% saying that this is causing them to waste money that they really can’t afford to.

The findings noted that online reviews, like King Kong SEO reviews, are becoming more and more important, with the vast majority, at 90%, of respondents saying that they turn to reviews before considering purchasing a product online, with the average UK customer spending £433 annually on purchases that were informed or influenced by online reviews.

On the flip side, the data shows that people are also wary of companies and brands manipulating legitimate feedback, with 47% admitting that they think that companies manipulate their image by making fake positive reviews online, while another 40% state that this manipulation is being done by removing fake reviews.

Trustpilot Founder and CEO Peter Mühlmann states that the research is a clear sign that customers are aware of manipulations in the age of fake news and institutional distrust. When it comes to their online transactions and interactions, he says, people want to know that their feedback is actually being heard, and is actually helping people get a complete picture of a brand; warts and all.

Mühlmann says that companies need to remember that customer feedback and online reviews are good for them too; it helps them stay honest, maintain their standards, and do better.