Unchecked Termites Cause $100,000 Worth Of Damage To Home In Sydney

In recent news, unchecked termites have caused serious damage to a home that a person was looking to buy. This homebuyer from Sydney was met with extreme shock when he discovered the home he recently bought was infested with termites and that they had caused nearly $100,000 worth of damage. Most people might wonder why he didn’t get the home checked for termites before purchasing it, but ironically, this man did in fact get reports from the seller of the house that the house was free of pests. For a house worth nearly $1 million, $100,000 is no small amount.

This fact was only discovered after the homebuyer decided to take up another set of termite inspections in Sydney to determine for himself whether termites were present or not. Before the results of this second report are discussed, here are a few excerpts from the first report. The first reports state that most parts of the house except for the entire sub-floor, various areas of the roof void, and underground were checked. Not being an experienced house buyer himself, the homeowner deemed the reports sufficient. The above stated second report however, displayed extensive damage to the various parts of the building, including the areas it had inspected such as the building’s interior and exterior, the roof exterior and sub-roof space and the sub-floor space. This goes to show how valuable it is to check up all the areas of the house for damage from termites.

The second report further stated that the building’s owner should immediately rectify these termite issues to keep the house habitable and to control financial woes that may ensue. According to a law passed in August 2016, house agents need to inform buyers if complete and appropriate termite inspections in Sydney were performed or not.

After all these accusations and allegations though, the buyer claims that it was primarily his fault for not being careful enough, and that he should have taken up the second report much earlier to ensure that the house he  was buying was free from termites. He also stated that he isn’t currently looking for legal advice, but wants to get rid of the problem immediately.