Understanding The Prior Preparation Before The Dental Implants Installation Process

Dental implant installation procedure helps in replacing missing teeth or damaged teeth. In this surgery the dentist will replace the missing teeth or the damaged teeth with an artificial one, which looks and functions like the natural teeth.   

The process of getting dental implants is lengthy and takes a long time. The dentist makes a cut in your gum and open it until he reaches the jaw bone. Then he drills the bone to make a hole. A metal screw like post made of titanium or zirconia is installed inside the hole. Then the jaw is left to heal and fuse with the implant. The process may take 5 months to one year. Once the bone gets closed then the dentist attaches a preparatory sleeve on the dental implant, which is later replaced with an abutment. Later, a crown made of porcelain is fixed on top of the abutment.

This is a long and lengthy procedure, which takes several months to achieve the final results. Extra care need to be taken if you are expecting more results. Various risk factors exists in this procedure. Some of them are infection at the implant site, implants falling, bending or broken due to overloading, etc.

Steps to Prepare Yourself for dental implants

If you are planning to get dental implants, there is a lot of prior preparation required.


  • Get your health condition diagnosed with your family doctor. Especially check with your ENT specialist. Whether he gives you permission to proceed with.
  • Then visit your orthodontist to get your jaw and mouth examined. The orthodontist will take 3D images and x-rays of your jaw and mouth. He assess your oral health and determines whether to go ahead with the surgery or not.
  • The orthodontist also checks with you jaw bone density. If it is not good, then he may advise bone grafting.
  • You should quit smoking and alcohol for a while. The orthodontist may ask you to stay away from smoking and drinking until the entire dental implant process is completed.
  • Discuss the costs of the implant and the finance options available in the clinic. Check whether your insurance plan covers the cost of implants.

The process of dental implants requires a lot of time. Opt for the process only when you can spare some time. You may have to go for regular check-ups to your orthodontist clinic until the entire procedure is over.