Update Regarding The Town Centre Of Eastbourne

Many residents of Eastbourne might have seen the improvements that are being done at the Eastbourne Town Centre but no one knows the official status of what is going on. Even guests that are staying at a beach front hotel in Eastbourne have no idea as to how much is finished and how much work is still to be done before completion.

According to an official, the Phase One was finished in 2015 when the Eastbourne Railway Station’s entrance was renovated and there is a taxi rank that was recently built. Prior to the beginning of the project, Terminus Road was considered to be a major hub for all buses that are coming from the east and the west side. This is the reason why Terminus Road is always congested which makes it hard for the buses as well as the pedestrians. It is now dubbed as the Diesel Alley because of the congestion.

To decrease the load that Terminus Road is managing, buses that are westbound were ordered to use bus stops at the Gildredge Road while buses that are eastbound were mandated to utilize the Cornfield Road. The traffic is now more manageable in Terminus Road and the air quality is not as polluted. There are still works that need to be done such as replacing the road surface with granite blocks and the footpath will be covered with high-quality paving.

There is another work being done at Gildredge Road which is expected to be completed after 62 weeks. One lane will be used by buses that are heading to the town centre. The southern part of the road will undergo footway works as well as kerbing. Pedestrian islands are also to be constructed to help the bus passengers to navigate smoothly at Gildredge Road. High-tech bus shelters are planned to be constructed and each will have real-time information boards that can be used by the passengers.

While there are many works underway, visitors at a beach front hotel in Eastbourne are asked to be patient and the town apologize in advance for any convenience that the improvement works is causing.