Usain Bolt Opening First Restaurant Branch In United Kingdom

Usain Bolt, a native of Trelawny and a superstar in the world of track and field, is launching his business in United Kingdom. It is called Tracks & Records which is serves as a Jamaican bar, a late lounge and also a restaurant. It is the very first branch to open in London, United Kingdom. The opening is to be held on the 10th of this month. This is the same route taken by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan when he first opened a restaurant in his hometown Venezuela and proceeded to conquer the restaurant scene in the United Kingdom.

The first branch is to be followed by 14 other restaurants which are expected to launch all over the United Kingdom in the coming few years.

According to Gary Matalon, the managing director of Franjam, they decided to launch in the United Kingdom after they have seen how successful Track & Records are. It is considered to be a very important milestone because this is the first time that a local business went to conquer the international market. This is also an affirmation that there is a great potential hidden in Jamaica which gives them hope that they will be able to export other brands that are made in Jamaica.

Franjam is the company behind the operation of Tracks & Records which is under the KLE Group. This will give London a taste of an original offering from Jamaica. The restaurant is located near the Liverpool Street Station.

Inside the restaurant is a unique space that exhibits bold flavors along with sports memorabilia celebrating Bolt’s career. The music will be all about dub and reggae which are going to be played by live DJs famous all over the UK.

Those who are wishing to have a taste of authentic Jamaican cuisine will be able to try jerk pork and chicken, bammy and fried fish. All of these dishes are going to be cooked with authentic spices and locally sourced seasoning. There will be an impressive rum bar with 150 options from international rum brands. Authenticity is also the major character brought by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan to his restaurants currently operating in the United Kingdom.