Victor Mousetraps To Use Internet Of Things

Rats can be difficult to control because they can easily sense danger in a new environment. They are very cautious when approaching mouse traps, baits and other rat control devices. When you notice rats inside the home, office or commercial property, call pest control in Brisbane immediately to get rid of them immediately before they can do more damage.

Woodstream, a company that produces Victor mousetraps is planning to use Internet of Things (IoT) in building connected mousetraps that will be launched in the 3rd quarter of the year. Victor’s electronic mousetraps will be using Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and Comcast’s Machine Q Internet of Things platform. The Wi-Fi connected mousetrap will be connected to the platform that is designed to monitor pest populations. LPWAN technology is used for battery life and range.

There is real value in using the Wi-Fi connected mousetraps because 2 mice can easily turn into 20 mice within a couple of months. Businesses will gain the benefit of an early warning system without inspecting the ceilings and facilities and checking traps. LPWAN technology will take over the tedious task.

According to Tom Daly, senior director of strategic technology of Woodstream Corporation, plans are underway to network thousands of mousetraps together. Victor has already seen the value of connected mousetraps a decade ago but the concern is battery life and range. LPWAN technology including LORaWAN standard via machine Q has solved the issue. Victor is also planning to provide mobile app access to the connected mouse traps with dashboard and pest analysis in the future.

The expected return on investment on the IoT mousetraps is savings on manpower. Technicians no longer need to inspect mousetraps in difficult to reach areas. A business gains an extra level of control over the pests to prevent them from multiplying.

There are signs that will tell you that there are rats in the commercial property. There are gnawed holes, droppings, noises of scampering or urine odours. Your best option is to call pest control in Brisbane right way so that they can be eliminated. You do not want the rats to transmit serious diseases through their urine.