Vietnam’s Thriving Tourism Industry Sees Continuous Progress

Vietnam’s 58 year-old tourism has shown promise as more provinces gain popularity and development.

Growing numbers

A simple online search can quickly connect travellers to the best hotel in VietTri, Lam Dong, Quang Trip, Hanoi, and more. What started with 219 hotels in 1960, mainly for diplomatic delegations, domestic tourists, and foreign experts and professionals have spurred 25,600 accommodation facilities andalmost 2,000 international travel agencies to this day.Around 21,000 tour guides were licensed, creating jobs and direct income to 2.5 million people.

The past three years

For the past three years, the country experienced 30% annual growth rate in their tourism sector. By 2017, the registered foreign direct investment was estimated at more than USD15 billion

In the first half of 2018 alone, Vietnam has welcomed about eight million international visitors, bringing in USD14.2 billion into the country.


Vietnam ranked six in the previous year’s top 10 fastest-growing tourist destinations. This has caught the attention of several investments, including luxury tourism products, leisure tourism, mountain retreats, golf, and sea tourisms. It’s not hard to see why there are many companies vying for the position as the most sought-after restaurants or best hotel in Viet Tri, Hanoi, and other areas of the country.

Vinpearl, Sun Group, Muong Thanh Hospitality, FLC Group, and Thien Minh-Group were the top five tourism investment groups. Together with 85 enterprises in travel, transportation, hotel, golf courses, restaurants and other tourism investors, they have made Vietnam into a prolific land for tourism and investment.


The Labour Newspaper, VietnamNational Administration of Tourism, and The Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism hosted the Vietnam Timeless Charm writing contest.

Reporter Nguyen ThiDucHanhwrote her award-winning piece entitled, “Vibrant market in wild nature,” discussing the northwest mountainous area of Vietnam, and its beauty. UK writer Lana O’Sullivan, on the other hand wrote “Vietnam in a Nutshell,” which won her the “I Love Vietnam” award.

Hopes for the future

Nguyen Ngoc Thien. The Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, believes that their tourism industry will develop continuously, making Vietnam an attractive destination and putting the country in the world tourism map.