Virginia Chosen For A New Program For The Expansion Of Drones

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Virginia was recently in the news because it is one of the states aside from Kansas and Nevada that were chosen by the present administration for a new program that will expand the use of drones all over the United States. Aside from accelerating growth in the booming drone production sector that has a very high economic potential, security, safety and privacy concerns will also be addressed.

Virginia Tech will be working with Project Wing which is part of Google’s parent company Alphabet while Intel, AT&T and other firms will be in charge of package delivery, power line inspections and emergency management operations. Reno-based drone delivery company Flirtey was also tapped to launch an external defibrillator delivery service to address cardiac emergencies.

Uber will be responsible for food delivery for the San Diego project that will include border protection, international commerce and self-driving vehicles. A pilot program will be launched for the creation of new drone innovation zones. An outpouring of interest was particularly noticeable with 149 applications submitted by cities and states that were working with technology and drone firms.

According to the supporters of the present administration, the key goal of the pilot project is to glean on-the-ground insights based on the cooperation between the federal, state and local governments so that expanded operations will became a common feature in every American’s life. However, there are still concerns over security, privacy, legal and quality of life as policymakers compete in the burgeoning drone industry.

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