What Are 12v LED Strip Lighting And How To Use Them?

Not many people realise that it’s really important to save energy. However, there are those who switch to more efficient power saving electrical appliances and devices. For the next decade, global power consumption is expected to double if not triple. They can greatly affect the environment especially that there are now nuclear plants running the world with electricity. LED lights are considered one of the most cost-efficient ways to save energy and prevent forthcoming environmental decay. Even the 12v LED strip lighting can help the environment and save costs on power bills.

So, What Are They?

LED light strips are flexible printed circuit boards that contain several light-emitting diodes placed in a straight line. Multiple diodes need to be combined though LED lights to make it useful in providing nice ambient light. LED has to be connected to a power source to release energy. The material used for the dielectric part of the diode will determine the light colour.

Who Uses LED Light Strips?

Those who modify their PCs and laptops use 12v LED strip lighting to enhance their computer cases. They usually prefer coloured LEDS such as blue, green and red. Standard white coloured LEDS are rarely used. To make it really visible, they acquire cases that have side windows.

For a typical household, the LED strip light can transform a comfortable ambient on shelves, corners, masked zones, tiny ornamental statues, and so on. They can also be used as an exterior design during special holidays at home, on the porch or at window edges. The 12v LED strip lighting can be a substitute for Christmas lights in Christmas trees.

Some may even choose to put them in cars like the dashboard or under the vehicle. The iridescent lighting can be easily replaced due to the low power consumption of the car. Let us not forget that power consumption is essential to every vehicle. The LED lights consume minimal power; hence, preventing battery drains.

The 12v LED strip lighting has so many applications, depending on how it used.  They can come in assorted voltages, shapes, sizes and colours. Their usage will have to depend on the user’s imagination.