What Denis O’Brien Hopes For In Charity Works

The famous Irish philanthropist Denis O’Brien has been practicing benevolent charity works. Because of his immense wealth, he has been involved in voluntary giving to help those who may need it. He has initiated the Irish O’Brien Foundation and Digicel Foundation to focus on his philanthropic goals, which is a non-profit organization. His foundations have focused on social well-being and is involved in several activities that are meant to serve the common good and public interest.  His charitable institutions are aimed at various activities so it can be socially important for the well-being of those who are in need.

The charity works of Denis O’Brien are performed to enhance the following sectors – health, education, housing for the homeless, those who are affected by natural calamities such as flood and fire, and charity works that help create a destroyed structure. Mr. O’Brien aims to give money, goods and time for the unfortunate through his charitable funds.

How the Charity Work Began?

The Iris O’Brien Foundation aims to relieve poverty, promote education, advance religion and do public activities that will help uplift the quality of life of underprivileged communities. The organization started in June 2000, which was headed by Denis O’Brien’s mother, Iris O’Brien. In last year’s income, it earned around €5 million and part of its earnings was donated to charity.

The Digicel Foundation is aimed at countries like Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago. The foundation was established 12 years ago, with the aim of having communities grow with the foundation. They aim to help those in need, to provide sustainability and support to make a difference in their way of life. The foundation has solicited over a million euros to share to people who need help.

Over the past years, charitable institutions developed by Denis O’Brien have donated to conglomerates to give to possible recipients. With the modern technology provided nowadays, charity works have extended through online donations. The two foundations also provide goods handed out directly to its receivers. Although there has been criticisms and discriminations made by outside factors, its fundraising campaigns remain stronger and better with the goal to sustain the needs of the society’s poor.