What Do Law Firms Plan To Do With Their Glitzy Offices?

The offices of law firms like Donich Law were designed to make life more comfortable and efficient for lawyers and their staff. However, lawyers are not using the generous perks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Gone are the days of long hours and office presentism because lawyers and their staff are now working remotely permanently or part of the time.

Big law firms have glitzy offices complete with modern art works, coffee bars and in-house gyms. The London Office of Clifford Chance has a bar and swimming pool. Other law firms have sleep pods or small rooms where employees can grab some rest when working overnight.

However, law firms’ employees are working from home 20 to 50% of the time. Some offices are fully open but work from home is still the norm for most of the staff. Many lawyers are preparing for a future where offices will simply become a teamwork hub for collaboration, socializing and training. Meetings with clients may also take place at the office for a few days a week.

Hong Kong-based Justin D’Agostino, chief executive of Herbert Smith Freehills revealed that most of their 6,000 employees are working remotely. The law firm has a new policy of reviewing what worked well during the past few month. The policy was received with enthusiasm because it was a game changer for working parents.

Law offices will remain important but remote working has increased productivity. The pandemic has forced law firms to embrace technology like video calls, electronic signatures and document management systems that are more efficient.

Meanwhile, other lawyers still believe that there are benefits to being together while learning and collaborating. It is harder to connect informally with colleagues to spark a creative idea. Another concern is trainees and junior lawyers who learn by observing their senior colleagues. Trainee solicitors often experience 4 placements of 6-month duration in different department and stints abroad.

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