What Is An Assault And What Are The Different Damages Applicable For Assault Cases

A purposeful act of a person that creates a fear of harmful contact in another person is known as an assault. Most people believe that assault involves physical contact but it is not the case. Simple fear of physical contact also amounts to assault in cases of civil liability.

An assault lawyer is a person, who deals with cases of assault. If you are subjected to assault and are planning to approach the courts, you must hire a lawyer, who specializes in dealing with assault cases.

In an assault case, your lawyer will have to prove that there was an intentional action from the other person (the defendant), the action was to cause fear in you and your fear of immediate harm.  For example, if you are waiting at the bus stop to catch a bus, a person suddenly appears with a bat in his hand. The person proceeds towards you and lifts his bat. You fear that he is going to attack you and start running. You sustain minor injuries. This is termed as an assault as the person instilled a fear in you of a harmful action and you feared of injuries and started running. The lawyer defending your case, will put forth these facts and get you compensation for assault.

Damages for assault can be different types. For example, if you get injured due to assault, the damages include physical injury, loss of income or job due to injury, costs to treat the injuries and pain and suffering caused due to the injury. Here are some damages you can claim, if you are filing an assault case.

  • Economic damages

These damages will compensate you for the expenses caused due to assault. The components of economic damages are costs to treat the injuries caused by assault and the loss of income due to the injuries. The medical bills include the future costs, until you are fully recovered.

  • Non-economic damages

As the name suggests, they include compensation for damages that cannot be quantified. It generally includes the pain and suffering caused due to the assault and injuries.

  • Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are in place to punish the assailant for his act of assault. They are awarded in serious cases of assault.

You should hire the services of an expert assault lawyer, if you are subjected to assault or accused of assault. These lawyers have full understanding of the law and can guide you in the right direction.